Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Patricia Izzo's Book "Fragile Awakenings"

Fine Art Photography Book released by Award winning artist Patricia Izzo

A private premier party is planned at River's Edge Gallery to celebrate the release of a book of works by fine art photographer Patricia Izzo on Wednesday, December 3rd. The first 50 books printed will be signed and numbered by the artist and be available for the first time at the premier party. The book will be availalbe after that at River's Edge Gallery. Only the first 50 will be numbered. This is not an unusual tradition for art books as it marks the first edition, or first books off the press.

This is a first for Ms. Izzo although more books are in the planning. This first endeavor, titled Fragile Awakenings, carries the same title as a show that was launched at River's Edge Gallery in 2002.
The show followed what has become a rather infamous fire in Downtown Wyandotte, a fire that devastated the art community and other businesses. A small two story building on the corner of Elm and Biddle housed not only Nana's Kitchen and B.C. Beans Coffee shop but also two art galleries and several artist studios and artist co-ops. A large number of art works were lost including the contents of Patricia Izzo's studio. But Izzo will tell you that the experience for her became a rising phoenix, a new avenue to travel, a new way to view her life, environment and work...a Fragile Awakening. She also credits one of her mentors, local photographer and arts advocate Marianne Letasi and River's Edge Gallery owner, Patricia Slack, for this new path.

The work in Fragile Awakenings has become memoralized in this, Izzo's first book. The book contains 80 pages of Izzo's photography and favorite poems.

"I was encouraged over and over to do this book. The show was not just individual pieces but told a story about growing up, reaching out and healing. Each image has a meaning and together they impart a feeling, an experience." This is the Izzo approach to her one person shows. The pieces are only parts of the whole. In this case Marianne Letasi played a large part as well. As the curator she not only helped choose what pieces were in the final show but also how they were hung and in what order. "Marianne landed up with an understanding and affinity for these art pieces that may have equaled the artist's herself." stated Patt Slack. "This is in fact why Letasi generously offered and was accepted as editor of this first book."
The private party for the book release is Wednesday, December 3rd 7pm-9pm. Please call or email River's Edge for more info including invitation information!

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