Thursday, May 15, 2008


Who’s your Tiger or your Marilyn or your Elvis or your favorite time period? All are represented in The Icon Show premiering at River’s Edge Gallery in downtown Wyandotte on May 16th at 6 pm.

Thirty artists of various media were asked to participate in a show where they were told to interpret the word “icon” . Some ,like SLAW , who is known for his retro paintings, chose to show the fashions and furniture and fun of the 50’s and 70’s. Others, like Mary Brombach , who is a glass artist, made glass heads of the likes of Einstein and Marilyn Monroe and ashtrays that duplicate the style of Andy Warhol with Andy Warhol’s image emblazed on them. “Marilyn did seem to be the favorite. We have oil paintings of her, sketches, sculptures and photographs. Well, truth be told, I love seeing what artists do with her so I may have asked a few to take her on.” stated gallery owner, Patt Slack. “But we have everyone from Marie Antroinette to Frank Sinatra to Brittany Spears.” She went onto say that the reason she went with such a large diverse group of artists was to get diversity in media and concept.

Artists showing are Cass Adkins, Mark Arminski, Johnny “B” Badanjek, Mary Brombach, Amy Chenier, Joe Crachiola, Mary Ellen Croci, Nina Friday, Elayne Gross, Ryan G. Hill, Martin Hirchak, Patricia Izzo,
Gwen Joy, Rick Ruinner Lappin, Eric Lavoie, Adam Owen Layne, Marianne Letasi, Carl Lundgren, Mark Nischan, Niagara, Kate Paul, Nancy Pitel, Audrey Pongracz, Bob Pope, Elaine Redmond, Rudy Salazar
III, SLAW, Robert Stewart, Irene Z. Will, Kyra Wojcik and Jim Young.
Art work shown is "Marie Antoinette" by Audrey Pongracz. Keep looking for new images from the show!