Saturday, January 12, 2008

Opening Friday January 18th!

River's Edge Gallery presents two floors of the Underexposed artist opening January 18th 6pm-10pm.

Twelve artists show their work in an effort to bring them to the forefront of the metro Detroit art scene. This is a group composed of sculptors, jewlers, potters, painters, printmakers, photographers and mixed media artists. Many of these artists work in the arts or artistic fields already there are curators, illustrators, students, graphic artists, print makers and photographers.

One of the busiest on the art scene but least exposed is Marianne Letasi. Letasi is known for her efforts at the DIA, Downriver Council of the Arts, Dearborn Arts Council, Midwest AIDS Prevention Project, River's Edge Gallery and more... but not as the artist. Marianne was always the quintessential curator of artists and "the wind beneath their wings" person.

Letasi has finally been encouraged to take the spotlight for herself by her fellow artist, Patricia Izzo. Patricia, who has a gallery next to her studio at River's Edge Gallery in downtown Wyandotte, insisted that Marianne show her unusual shots of nature, perspectives from her visit to the Slovack Republic & the Orient and other world travels along with one of her other favorite subjects, cemeteries.

Letasi who retired from the DIA's photography division and as the copyright manager, said that she wants to show diversity in her work. "I want to show that a true artist can see a fine art image anywhere. They take ordinary subjects and do extraordinary things with them. A walk by anything can turn into a piece of art." To prove this theory, many of her nature shots that look so exotic are taken out of her own backyard. Letasi's models are also usually her own friends and relatives. To bring this all together the show will include a wall of photos depicting the many hundreds of artists that have been on the receiving side of Marinanes generosity and lens.

The mezzanine is home to, Underexposed, a group show featuring some of newest up and coming artists in the metro- Detroit area. Curated by the 'dAP (the 'dotte Arts Project), Aimee Rodriguez and Jeremy E. Hansen, to highlight that which reflects the purpose of the 'dAP, to show emerging and progressive art in the Downriver area. "Since this is where we work and primarily how we formed," says Rodriguez, " we only saw it fitting that we host our first show at the River's Edge Gallery."

Both Hansen and Rodriguez work as co- gallery directors at the River's Edge Gallery and live Downriver, Hansen says "We worked for years together and share the same vision of how to bring the thriving metro- Detroit art scene Downriver." Hansen is an artist and is one of the featured artists in the show for his painting and sculpture. Rodriguez is an activist as well as a mother. Hansen and Rodriguez have worked at the River's Edge Gallery for over five years. Rodriguez says, "Working at the River's Edge Gallery has given us the experience and contacts necessary to build a really great foundation for the 'dAP."

Rodriguez says, "The purpose fo Underexposed is to show some of our favorite artists. These could be artists that are already in the River's Edge Gallery but haven't had a show here, those who were in our summer festival or those who we have just met and really liked their work. We feel these artists set the scene and are ready to do bigger things but this is the first taste."
Those featuring work in the show are Shannon Burnett, Kelly Darke, Howard Davy, Emily Duke, Jeremy E. Hansen, Ryan G. Hill, Larry Larson, Brett Scott, Erin Suess, Haley Vining and Robert Wright.

The show runs from January 18th to March 14th. The opening for the show is Friday January 18th 6pm-10pm.

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