Saturday, December 20, 2008

Noir Et Blanc closes Sunday, December 21st

Noir Et Blanc Closes Sunday, December 21st 6pm-10pm

Please stop in and see all the great art and adopt a kitty!

A percentage of the proceeds from sales of artwork that evening go to PAWS (Precious Animal Welfare Society).

Thursday, December 11, 2008

This Saturday HFCC is at the Edge!

River's Edge Gallery and Henry Ford Community College team up to present "HFCC Ceramics at the Edge"exhibition/sale at River's Edge Gallery in Wyandotte. This will feature some of the best work to come out of the HFCC Ceramics Studio. The exhibition/sale will feature the work of the three Non-InstructionalTechnicians: Carol McCluskey, Patty Goodell and Michele Kress along witha group of students including: John Antczak, Angela Carter, Wendy Moore,Bonnie Hanchon, Joyce Ruby and Kris Cravens. There will be a reception this Saturday, December 13, 2008, from 5-8pm. There will be wine, lightsnacks, and live music by the Glazer-Goodwin Jazz Duo. This will be a great opportunity to support some of HFCC's best, so please try to comeout.

Friday, November 28, 2008

It happens this Wednesday!

Click on the image for all the info!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Patricia Izzo's Book "Fragile Awakenings"

Fine Art Photography Book released by Award winning artist Patricia Izzo

A private premier party is planned at River's Edge Gallery to celebrate the release of a book of works by fine art photographer Patricia Izzo on Wednesday, December 3rd. The first 50 books printed will be signed and numbered by the artist and be available for the first time at the premier party. The book will be availalbe after that at River's Edge Gallery. Only the first 50 will be numbered. This is not an unusual tradition for art books as it marks the first edition, or first books off the press.

This is a first for Ms. Izzo although more books are in the planning. This first endeavor, titled Fragile Awakenings, carries the same title as a show that was launched at River's Edge Gallery in 2002.
The show followed what has become a rather infamous fire in Downtown Wyandotte, a fire that devastated the art community and other businesses. A small two story building on the corner of Elm and Biddle housed not only Nana's Kitchen and B.C. Beans Coffee shop but also two art galleries and several artist studios and artist co-ops. A large number of art works were lost including the contents of Patricia Izzo's studio. But Izzo will tell you that the experience for her became a rising phoenix, a new avenue to travel, a new way to view her life, environment and work...a Fragile Awakening. She also credits one of her mentors, local photographer and arts advocate Marianne Letasi and River's Edge Gallery owner, Patricia Slack, for this new path.

The work in Fragile Awakenings has become memoralized in this, Izzo's first book. The book contains 80 pages of Izzo's photography and favorite poems.

"I was encouraged over and over to do this book. The show was not just individual pieces but told a story about growing up, reaching out and healing. Each image has a meaning and together they impart a feeling, an experience." This is the Izzo approach to her one person shows. The pieces are only parts of the whole. In this case Marianne Letasi played a large part as well. As the curator she not only helped choose what pieces were in the final show but also how they were hung and in what order. "Marianne landed up with an understanding and affinity for these art pieces that may have equaled the artist's herself." stated Patt Slack. "This is in fact why Letasi generously offered and was accepted as editor of this first book."
The private party for the book release is Wednesday, December 3rd 7pm-9pm. Please call or email River's Edge for more info including invitation information!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Primping, Pin-Ups, Painting, Pottery and more!

River's Edge Gallery is hosting an opening for Amy Chenier's continuation of her Falling Temple's series. Chenier started the series with a piece called "The Body is a Temple", a painting based on a photo Chenier took in the Cass Corridor of Detroit. The Temple Hotel is the structure in the background, the human body in the foreground is tattooed with the energy meridians that acupuncture practitioners follow when placing needles into the skin for healing purposes. Unfortunately, the Cass Corridor is an urban symbol of how needles aren't used for such holistic needs and where temples, all valuable, have fallen into disrepair.
River’s Edge Gallery continues to show Primping, Pin-Ups, Painting and Pottery on the mezzanine while Images We Love will be featrued on the third floor in the Patricia Izzo Fine Art Photography Gallery.
The idea for Primping, Pin-Ups, Painting and Pottery was sparked by a series of oil paintings by Julie Fournier which depicted woman in various stages of primping: applying lipstick, curling eyelashes, painting toe nails and finalizeing hairdos. "She really captured all of the minor movements that most women learn at an early age and actually take quite a bit of skill." stated Aimee Rodriguez, show curator. Aimee also stated that "Many would see these images as repressive while others would consider them highly sexualized or nothing more than well executed images of women in motion"
Some of Fournier's other recent paintings were the inspiration for another theme of the show, "pin ups". She and other artists in the show have resurrected the "pin up" popularized by Esquire Magazine in the 1930's. The early Pin-ups were iconic and some models like Bettie Page are still remembered for their Pin-up images. Pin-ups are shown in many styles and media in this show including in the recent pottery of Steve Glazer.
Not only is the imagery of women featured. Jewelry is often considered the crowning touch to any ensemble. In Primping, Pin-Ups, Painting and Pottery that which finishes the finished woman is given equal respect.
On the third floor, Patricia Izzo, the curator, asked 13 artists to show 3 pieces of their fine art photographic images that they loved. "It is not often that an artist is asked to choose images that are their personal favorites" stated Izzo. This led to an eclectic group of images and styles. Some of the artists are veterans in shows such as Robert Stewart, Marianne Letasi, Cheryl Button, Elayne Gross, Elaine Redmond, A. Owen Layne and Joe Crachiola. But Izzo has added a few new faces to the mix to show the emerging end of photography with the works of Irakly Shanidze, Lisolette Gilcrest, Jon Wheeler, Vicki Athens and Beth Hoxie.
Meet the Artist night is October 17th 6pm-10pm with the shows running through November 14th.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

It happens this Friday

We are hosting the opening for the Ted Johnson and Lee Vanderwalker show.

Please see below for information.

Also click on their artist pages for a sneak peak at what to expect at the show.

Also going is the 4th Annual Art & Wine Crawl sponsored by the Josephine Ford Cancer Center of Brownstown. Get your glasses early, they are sure to sell out like they do every year.
You can pre-purchase you glass at River's Edge Gallery too!

The glasses are a $15 donation.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Upcoming events that we have our paws in

Starting July 9th, Ted Johnson and Lee Vanderwalker are showing their work on the mezzanine through September 13th.

The opening/ meet the artist night will be August 15th.

Ted Johnson has been showing his paintings and wood turned sculpture for over 40 years. He has shown at art fairs and galleries all over Michigan and has now settled down and working on a newer body of work to reflect a new chapter in his life.

Johnson paints women in a way that is often shocking but not in the way one might think. He captures the female mind and all of intricacies so exactly. The sense of wonderment, care, concern, anger and peace have escaped from his brush to breath life into a painting.

Many people who own a painting by Johnson will often purchase his pieces because they remind them of someone they know or they want to keep that image around, like a friend. Many people have named their Johnsons and refer to them like members of the family.

Lee Vanderwalker"My painting technique and process involves layers and layers of colors, added to and subtracted from each other to alter the rich and luminous surface of the silk. At times I will lay down color upon color seeking unrevealed treasures. Painting on silk is an exercise in controlled chaos; the results are simultaneously compelling and rich."
Like snapshots in a vacation photo album, Vanderwalker’s paintings are moments of experience arrested by intuitive recognition of their universal appeal. Her images of the Caribbean are stunning and bright, flashes of pure color, recalling the freshness of na├»ve art. Exuberant color and simple, freely drawn figures present a primitive naturalness and energy.
Vanderwalker studied the serti-technique of silk painting at Stadt Universitat in Bamberg, Germany while maintaining a studio for two years. From 1991-2000 she founded and controlled X-Height Studio, Inc. an electronic service bureau and imaging center located in Troy, Michigan..And today... Lee’s view from her Caye Caulker, Belize window seems to go on forever. The beach, the sun and the infinite turquoise water deceive you into thinking that there is no beginning and the there is no end. When the sun goes down in the Caribbean, the stars come out and the Milky Way makes us step out of our bodies and reach for the infinite. There, is the doorstep to understanding all things.

This show starts July 9th and runs through September 13th with a meet the artist night August 15th 6pm-10pm.

Next on the list of goodies is the Wyandotte Street Art Fair July 9th-12th.
Be sure to tour the gallery during the art fair and enjoy the air conditioning and extended hours.
The Ted Johnson/ Lee Vanderwalker show will be ready to preview and all of our fabulous house artists will be showing their work.
Patricia Izzo will have her tent outside but that is only part of her work. Be sure to go to the third floor, the Patricia Izzo Fine Art Photography Gallery, where all of her finest pieces are shown along with some of her personal favorite photographer colleques.

Friday, July 18th is our annual Downriver Flashback on Sycamore and Biddle Ave.
Enjoy the festival from 11am-dusk with vendors selling flashback wares and music starting at 5pm. This free festival features Frijid Pink, Reverend Mark Falconberry & his Blues Band, The Cetan Clawson Revolution. Emcee Stanley T. Hadhatter. For more information call 248-722-8880.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Icon Show, Meet the Artists Event

Friday, June 20th from 6pm-10pm, please join us for a meet the artists party to celebrate the Icon Show. Dress up like your favorite icon and you could win a prize for best costume! The Detroit Wig Girls will be coming by to perk things up, think Dolly Parton.

Be sure to visit all three floors especially the mezzanine and the Patricia Izzo Fine Art Photography Gallery where the Icon Show is. Our featured artists would love to talk with you.

These are the artists: Cass Adkins, Mark Arminski, Johnny "Bee" Badanjek, Mary Brombach, Amy Chenier, Joe Crachiola, Mary Ellen Croci, Nina Friday, Elayne Gross, Ryan G. Hill, Martin Hirchak, Patricia Izzo, Gwen Joy, Rick Ruiner Lappin, Erick Lavoie, A. Owen Layne, Marianne Letasi, Carl Lundgren, Monte Nagler, Mark Nischan, Niagara, Kate Paul, Nancy Pitel, Audrey Pongracz, Bob Pope, Elaine Redmond, Rudy Salazar III, SLAW, Robert Stewart, Irene Z. Will, Kyra Wojcik & Jim Young.

This event is sure to please so be dressed to impress or come as you are but be ready to party!
The featured image is Slave for You by Ryan G. Hill, oil on canvas, $400.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Who’s your Tiger or your Marilyn or your Elvis or your favorite time period? All are represented in The Icon Show premiering at River’s Edge Gallery in downtown Wyandotte on May 16th at 6 pm.

Thirty artists of various media were asked to participate in a show where they were told to interpret the word “icon” . Some ,like SLAW , who is known for his retro paintings, chose to show the fashions and furniture and fun of the 50’s and 70’s. Others, like Mary Brombach , who is a glass artist, made glass heads of the likes of Einstein and Marilyn Monroe and ashtrays that duplicate the style of Andy Warhol with Andy Warhol’s image emblazed on them. “Marilyn did seem to be the favorite. We have oil paintings of her, sketches, sculptures and photographs. Well, truth be told, I love seeing what artists do with her so I may have asked a few to take her on.” stated gallery owner, Patt Slack. “But we have everyone from Marie Antroinette to Frank Sinatra to Brittany Spears.” She went onto say that the reason she went with such a large diverse group of artists was to get diversity in media and concept.

Artists showing are Cass Adkins, Mark Arminski, Johnny “B” Badanjek, Mary Brombach, Amy Chenier, Joe Crachiola, Mary Ellen Croci, Nina Friday, Elayne Gross, Ryan G. Hill, Martin Hirchak, Patricia Izzo,
Gwen Joy, Rick Ruinner Lappin, Eric Lavoie, Adam Owen Layne, Marianne Letasi, Carl Lundgren, Mark Nischan, Niagara, Kate Paul, Nancy Pitel, Audrey Pongracz, Bob Pope, Elaine Redmond, Rudy Salazar
III, SLAW, Robert Stewart, Irene Z. Will, Kyra Wojcik and Jim Young.
Art work shown is "Marie Antoinette" by Audrey Pongracz. Keep looking for new images from the show!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Art Detroit Now! May 8th-10th

River's Edge Gallery is participating in Art Detroit Now May 8th - May 10th with an Arts & Tarts event. Our three floors and the Patricia Izzo Fine Art Photography Gallery will be open for viewing the entire weekend with treats for patrons. Patricia Izzo will be on hand most of the weekend to give studio tours, please call ahead to be sure to catch her (734)246-9880. Our house artists will be stopping by throughout the weekend to visit with all Art Detroit Now visitors. One of our gallery directors will be on hand to give tours and talks as well. Gallery Hours for Art Detroit Now are as follows Thursday, May 8th 10am-7pm; Friday, May 9th 10am-8pm and Saturday, May 10th 10am-8pm. Please stop by and view what the River's Edge Gallery has to offer during this monumental event for all of metro-Detroit.
In celebration of Earth Day and the greening of Wyandotte the River's Edge Gallery will continue its show, Shades of Green: art Rescued, Recovered, Reworked & Repurposed.
Keep reading for details about Art Detroit Now and stop by the River's Edge Gallery for our part of this monumental event!

Art Detroit Now – One Weekend Thousands Of Artists!Detroit Art And Artists Celebrated At 100 Area Galleries And Museums
Metropolitan Detroit has long been known as the automobile capital of the world and the home of Motown. But Detroit will show off its artistic side May 8-10 during Art Detroit Now, featuring thousands of artists whose work will be shown in art galleries, non-profit art organizations, museums and university art centers throughout metro-Detroit.
Art Detroit Now will include exhibitions, demonstrations, and festivals showcasing the great art and talented artists in our area. Organizers estimate that over three days, this first-time event will draw 100,000 people to 100 galleries and museums located in 16 cities throughout metro-Detroit.
Planning for Art Detroit Now began in 2006 with a group of art collectors, patrons and professionals who were committed to finding ways to increase the visibility of Detroit-area contemporary artists and galleries.
"First, there was the opening of Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD), then the grand opening of the new Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA),” said Marc Schwartz, event chairperson. “Art Detroit Now is the next step in establishing our area as a major arts center. Virtually every contemporary arts organization in our greater community has come together to be part of this event. Our hope is that everyone will enjoy Art Detroit Now by visiting a gallery or museum May 8-10."
Some of the 100 participating venues include the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, Cranbrook Art Museum, DIA, MOCAD and Russell Industrial Center.
MOCAD will open the exhibition, Considering Detroit, on May 10.It is the first exhibition in a series that explores contemporary art of the Detroit area. "One of the motivating principles for Considering Detroit was to support in every way the Art Detroit Now effort because it is so important," said Marsha Miro, founding director at MOCAD. "We saw it as an opportunity that could not be missed, and arranged for both our summer exhibition and programs to highlight contemporary art activity in the metro area."Graham W.J. Beal, director of the DIA, said the newly renovated museum looks forward to participating in Art Detroit Now. The museum will devote its May 9 Friday Night Live to celebrating Detroit-area visual and performing arts. “DIA staff members and volunteers have been among the earliest supporters of Art Detroit Now and we are delighted to participate in this program,” Beal said. “Art Detroit Now is a terrific way to promote and support the artists whose creativity, it is increasingly being recognized, are crucial to a vital community.”
Cranbrook will hold Here and Now: The 2008 Graduate Degree Exhibition, which showcases students’ studio work. “Metro Detroit attracts students in art, architecture and design from around the world, many of whom remain in the region after graduation, breathing new life into our art scene each year.” said Gregory M. Wittkopp, director Cranbrook Art Museum. “Cranbrook Art Museum is delighted to be able showcase Cranbrook Academy of Art's most recent graduates during Art Detroit Now."
For a complete list of participating artists, venues, and a schedule of activities, please visit or For more information, call 248-258-8808 x29.

Founding Members: Michelle Peron CCS Center Galleries - Gregory Wittkopp Cranbrook Art Academy & Museum - Nancy Sizer Detroit Artists Market - Becky Hart, Valerie Mercer & Stephanie James Detroit Institute of Arts - George N'Namdi George N'Namdi Gallery - Marsha Miro MOCAD - Dick Goody Oakland University Gallery - Susanne Hilberry Susanne Hilberry Gallery - Lisa Gonzalez Wayne State University Galleries - Marc Schwartz Community Representative

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Shades of Green Opening March 21st

What: An art opening and happening : SHADES OF GREEN: art RESCUED, RECOVERED, REWORKED, REPURPOSED
When: Showing March 21st through May 12th with an opening reception on March 21st and a Meet the Artist night on April 18th 6-10 PM.
Where: River’s Edge Gallery in downtown Wyandotte 3024 Biddle St.

All art works turn “green” at River’s Edge Gallery in downtown Wyandotte for the next few months. Well, not literally, but their next show, Shades of Green: art Rescued, Recovered, Reworked, Repurposed is composed of artwork that has a green message. “Artist traditionally have brought the beauty of nature to the eye of the beholders through paintings, sculpture, photography and other mediums. Artists have also traditionally used natural elements or cast off objects to make their art. They have rescued the old and broken and recovered, reworked and repurposed them. They were the first recyclers,” stated gallery owner, Patt Slack.
The Second Floor gallery will present the works of Paul Balog, Tim Burke, Nancy Byrum, Rick Chaedel, Mary Ellen Croci, the late Dr. Arnold Dreifuss, Michelle Fancovie, Kevin Martin and Sandy Smith. This takes us from belt buckles made out of old wrenches to hand painted furniture to tables made from street signs to realistic oil paintings of endangered species to an installation of the many things that can be done with the industrial left-overs from Nurf footballs.
The Third floor Patricia Izzo Fine Art Photography Gallery presents the same message but done with the eye of a fine art photographer. Those shown are B.T. Charles, Joe Crachiola, Elayne Gross, Patricia Izzo, Marianne Letasi, Teresa Louisias, R.W. Stewart, Elaine Redmond and S. Kay Young. The photography techniques are as varied as the artists. Everything from Polaroid shots to hand painted images to digital to traditional film developing is featured. The subject matter is also varied with everything from industrial shots, nature scenes, recovered and reworked family photos from the 40’s, flowers and machine parts.
The show runs from March 21st to May 12th with an opening reception on March 21st and a Meet the Artist Night on April 18th, both from 6 to 10 pm. The Gallery hours are 10-7 Monday through Thursday, 10-8 on Friday and 10-5 on Saturday.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Opening Friday January 18th!

River's Edge Gallery presents two floors of the Underexposed artist opening January 18th 6pm-10pm.

Twelve artists show their work in an effort to bring them to the forefront of the metro Detroit art scene. This is a group composed of sculptors, jewlers, potters, painters, printmakers, photographers and mixed media artists. Many of these artists work in the arts or artistic fields already there are curators, illustrators, students, graphic artists, print makers and photographers.

One of the busiest on the art scene but least exposed is Marianne Letasi. Letasi is known for her efforts at the DIA, Downriver Council of the Arts, Dearborn Arts Council, Midwest AIDS Prevention Project, River's Edge Gallery and more... but not as the artist. Marianne was always the quintessential curator of artists and "the wind beneath their wings" person.

Letasi has finally been encouraged to take the spotlight for herself by her fellow artist, Patricia Izzo. Patricia, who has a gallery next to her studio at River's Edge Gallery in downtown Wyandotte, insisted that Marianne show her unusual shots of nature, perspectives from her visit to the Slovack Republic & the Orient and other world travels along with one of her other favorite subjects, cemeteries.

Letasi who retired from the DIA's photography division and as the copyright manager, said that she wants to show diversity in her work. "I want to show that a true artist can see a fine art image anywhere. They take ordinary subjects and do extraordinary things with them. A walk by anything can turn into a piece of art." To prove this theory, many of her nature shots that look so exotic are taken out of her own backyard. Letasi's models are also usually her own friends and relatives. To bring this all together the show will include a wall of photos depicting the many hundreds of artists that have been on the receiving side of Marinanes generosity and lens.

The mezzanine is home to, Underexposed, a group show featuring some of newest up and coming artists in the metro- Detroit area. Curated by the 'dAP (the 'dotte Arts Project), Aimee Rodriguez and Jeremy E. Hansen, to highlight that which reflects the purpose of the 'dAP, to show emerging and progressive art in the Downriver area. "Since this is where we work and primarily how we formed," says Rodriguez, " we only saw it fitting that we host our first show at the River's Edge Gallery."

Both Hansen and Rodriguez work as co- gallery directors at the River's Edge Gallery and live Downriver, Hansen says "We worked for years together and share the same vision of how to bring the thriving metro- Detroit art scene Downriver." Hansen is an artist and is one of the featured artists in the show for his painting and sculpture. Rodriguez is an activist as well as a mother. Hansen and Rodriguez have worked at the River's Edge Gallery for over five years. Rodriguez says, "Working at the River's Edge Gallery has given us the experience and contacts necessary to build a really great foundation for the 'dAP."

Rodriguez says, "The purpose fo Underexposed is to show some of our favorite artists. These could be artists that are already in the River's Edge Gallery but haven't had a show here, those who were in our summer festival or those who we have just met and really liked their work. We feel these artists set the scene and are ready to do bigger things but this is the first taste."
Those featuring work in the show are Shannon Burnett, Kelly Darke, Howard Davy, Emily Duke, Jeremy E. Hansen, Ryan G. Hill, Larry Larson, Brett Scott, Erin Suess, Haley Vining and Robert Wright.

The show runs from January 18th to March 14th. The opening for the show is Friday January 18th 6pm-10pm.

also visit us at