Saturday, November 10, 2007

What's New This Week!

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Please come to the gallery Friday November 16th 7pm-10pm, Jeanne Leiby will be signing her book Downriver: Short Stories and Patricia Izzo will show the cover piece and other pieces du jour. Please scroll down the blog for more details.
So what's new this week...

Amy Chenier just brought in a new piece titled The Body is a Temple. Chenier says of this new piece, "The painting is based on a photo I took in the Cass Corridor in Detroit. The Temple Hotel is the structure in the backgroud. The body in the foreground is tattooed with the energy meridians that acupuncture practicioners follow when placing needles into the skin for healing purposes. Unfortunately, the Cass Corridor is an urban symbol of how needles aren't used for such holistic needs and where temples, all valuable have fallen into disrepair.
The Body is a Temple by Amy Chenier
Oil on Canvas

Also new this week

Jeremy Edward Hansen
99 Chances

Coming up next week will be images by Steve Wojcik and Ryan G. Hill!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jeanne Leiby, editor of Southern Review, coming to River's Edge for book signing

Jeanne Leiby, editor of The Southern Review, coming to sign her book Downriver: Short Stories. Cover artist/photographer Patricia Izzo to show featured piece, Candy Necklace, and other pieces du jour.
November 16th 6pm-10pm.

Jeanne Leiby
grew up downriver Detroit. She graduated from the University of Michigan, earned her MA from the Bread Loaf School of English/ Middlebury College, and her MFA from the University of Alabama. Her stories, many of them collected here, have appeared in Fiction, New Orleans Review, The Greensboro Review and Indiana Review, among others.
For ten years, she has lived in Orlando, Florida, teaching creative writing at the University of Central Florida and editing The Florida Review. In 2008, she will move to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as an associate professor of English at Louisiana State University and editor of The Southern Review.
Advance Praise for Downriver
"These eleven stories are fueled by a robust mix of voices - children, young women, mothers, fathers- all of whom are driven to survive past losses of the overwhelming challenges of their present circumstances.
Withing this collection, I had my favorites, but every story delivered on its promise- to let us into a world of fully realized, breathing human beings whose lives might be different from ours in the details, but whose hopes and fears we recognize, and whose fates matter to us as much as our own.
Another pleasure of this book was the precision of the language, te tight and natural dialogue, simplepm the surface yet rich with subtext. I didn't want to stop reading, and when I had to, I went back as soon as I could- as we do with any place we love to visit."-- Quin Dalton, judge of the Doris Bakwin Award.
About the Press: Carolina Wren Press publishes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and children's books (under its Lollipop Power imprint). As our mission (new authors, new audiences) suggests, the Press is committed to an ever-growing vision of the audience for, and the producers of, contemporary literature.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Inside Out by Audrey Pongracz

Audrey Pongracz Inside Out: Take a look through her personal painting diary.
This entirely new series is on display until November 10th at River's Edge Gallery.
Come to meet Audrey Pongracz October 19th from 6pm-10pm.
The Secret Series
The Secret Hoarder
Oil on Canvas

Oil on Canvas

Oil on Canvas

Oil on Canvas

Deep Dark
Oil on Canvas

Even More Inside Out by Audrey Pongracz

The Light Series by Audrey Pongracz

Pink Sunshine
Oil on Canvas

To Sleep & Dream
Oil on Canvas

Rain Puddle Sailor

Oil on Canvas


Days Last Adventure
Oil on Canvas

More Inside Out by Audrey Pongracz

The Boys Kingdom Series by Audrey Pongracz

The Traitor
Oil on Canvas

The Settler

Oil on Canvas


The Partisan
Oil on Canvas

The Infantry
Oil on Canvas

The Eriophora
Oil on Canvas

Friday, October 12, 2007

Audrey Pongracz Inside Out

Audrey Pongracz

The Bleeding Heart Series

The Submarine Escape Oil on Canvas $375

Beacon Oil on Canvas $375

Telegrams Oil on Canvas $375

Drink Me Oil on Canvas $375

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Amy Chenier and the inaugural art show at the Crofoot Vernors Grill presented by of the River's Edge Gallery October 13th at 7pm.

On Saturday, October 13th at 7 PM, the Crofoot is pleased to host the first of a series of art events presented by of the River's Edge Gallery. Amy Chenier will demonstrate the work that has made her the painter in commercial sports circles. Chenier fully discloses her new work that is closer to her stream of her consciousness.

For years Amy Chenier has painted the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat in her celebrated sports pieces. Her works hang in the offices of Comerica Park, the private collection of Sergei Federov , and important sports collections worldwide.
Chenier's sports images explore the humanity of the athlete.

photo credit: Marianne Letasi
Her recent work expands on a more conceptual turn. Amy has made it a personal mission to incorporate into her work the theories of well-known and virtually unknown philosophers, scientists, musicians, and more. Martin Heidegger, Albert Einstein, Socrates, Marilyn Manson, Sylvia Plath and Madame Curie all find their way onto Chenier's canvas. Scientific formulas, religious symbolism and poetically inspired painting cover her pieces from one side to the other with a captivating brilliance of color and an attention to detail.

One of Chenier's latest painting, Rasta-Darwin, is of Charles Darwin and shows Darwin in

dreadlocks...a statement about evolution? Amy's free show is called Have You Been Exposed? Doors open at 8 PM, at the Vernor's Grill entrance to the Crofoot. The public is invited to meet the artist starting at 7pm.

Also appearing at the Crofoot on October 13th is the brilliant rock of Pinback, and the nerdcore rap of MC Chris, a regular contributor to the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim .

The Crofoot is located at 1 South Saginaw, in downtown Pontiac Michigan..

Details at

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What you missed!

River's Edge Gallery knows how to host a great opening. With NINE artists featured Our Brother the Megazord performing and flame throwing Miss Pussey Kat laying on a bed of nails there was something cool to see around every turn.
We'll post pictures as soon as we get them.
Thanks to all the artists who make our openings what they are Audrey Pongracz, Mark Arminski, BT Charles, Cheryl Button, Patricia Izzo, Frank Piccolo, DVS, Robert Stewart and VATO. This show runs through November 10th so if you missed the opening you can still see the work by these Metro-Detroit artists. For more information about the show please read the next blog down.
October's opening on the 19th from 6pm-10pm is in its planning stages so check back here for updates.

Thursday, August 30, 2007